Change borders around selected cells

With the latest version ( of LibreOffice, I can’t change the boarders around selected cells.

When I try, the borders in and around the whole table change.

Hello @LeroyG Thank you for your comment. I am setting the borders using Table > Table Properties and then selecting the Borders tab. I do not know of any other way to modify borders. When I make a change, it affects the whole table instead of just the selected cells. I have been using LO for years and never had this problem until version Is this a coincidence or a bug in this new version? It seems that you have also seen this behaviour in Presumably, I just have wait for LO it issue a fix?

Can’t repro - please try again while running LibreOffice in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode)

I can confirm in this behavior when the border is set choosing menu Table - Properties… - Border tab.

In versions and right border of the selection don’t take the color selected.

Border color button in the Table toolbar don’t change upper and right border color of selected cells.

Versions (x86) on OS: Windows 6.1 Service Pack 1 Build 7601; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win

image description (Border color button in the Table toolbar).

This is fairly major issue for me; happily fix coming in 7.1.4 I think, see tdf#142165 . Cheers, Al

Hello @EarnestAl. Thank you for your comment and a link to the bug report. It is a comfort to know that the problem is caused by a bug with version rather than my actions. Look forward to the release of 7.1.4, which I hope will be soon. I note that the bug report describes the problem as “moderate”. I, like you, consider it be a “major”. Issue.

Fixed in, you can try it from pre-releases Index of /pre-releases/

Hello @KamilLanda.
Thank you for your answer dated 23 May. It is now 19 June - do you know why LO have not yet released version to fix this major issue.
My version is When I run “Check for Updates” it says " LibreOffice 7.1 is up to date".
I am reluctant to download a pre-release.

It seems it is “insidious” bug. Link to the bugzilla with this bug