Change case option in Writer

Is there a way to change case in Writer? ( change letters to caps, small etc. )


Yes, there is.
You can switch ON the icons on the toolbar by editing the Standard Toolbar. You can toggle the visibility of the existing icons.

And you can set the icons - if they not exist on your (custom) toolbar - by usage the option Tools - Customize - Toolbars

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You didn’t tell the purpose of your question. Casing may be a matter of aesthetics, not of significance. Consequently, you should type your text as you would “naturally”, i.e. lowercase with only a capital at beginning of sentence. This will give you total freedom about the appearance.

The final casing is then chosen in the Font Effects tab of the paragraph style for the whole paragraph (heading context) or of a specific character style superimposed over a sequence of words or sentence inside a paragraph (partial casing).

With adequate styling, you change the look of the marked areas simply by modifying the style without the need to manually edit individually each area (no special case, lowercase, uppercase, camel case, small capitals if font have them, …).


@ajlittoz : Thank you! Well, I wanted to change letters in my text to caps / small, wherever needed. In MS Word, there is an option to have them changed, under ‘Change Case’, which I find, is absent in Writer.

@Zizi64 : Thank you very much!

@mikekaganski : Thank you very much!

No, this option is present but relatively hidden to encourage working in some “professional way”. You’ll find it in Format>Text bottom half of menu.

I just found it: thanks a lot! :smile:

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Beware with the CycleCase function. It’s a bit buggy. See tdf#149156.

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@LeroyG : Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: