Change cell selection border colour in calc

Is it possible to change the border colour of the selected cell?
Not sure when it happened but the pale green doesn’t really work for me.
I can’t see it very well anyway but worse a lot of my spread sheets have a green theme anyway - eg columns for data entry (not formulas) are highlighted in pale green.
I actually choose green as I found it easy on the eye - blended in, not distracting!
The opposite of what I want a selected cell to be …

See Asked Before: Calc ver Highlighted Cell Color - #4 by Villeroy and Change selected cell indicator colour (Calc) - #4 by analytical_prat.

Thanks - I missed that, I think it was the highlighted bit as I think of that as the background colour of a cell (like highlighted text in writer etc) . Also I’m not comfortable with how the new site works yet…
Anyway I’ve followed Villeroy’s solution which improves things if you don’t have a border around your data - if you do it doesn’t help as much. I could change the border colour to blue (as suggested in the other thread) but I have to print some of these things out and a black border is better for that…
If it is dependent on your operating system - I’m running linux mint (cinnamon) and have been for approx 1 year now and I only noticed this fairly recently and I haven’t changed my my settings. Did update OS, but quite a while ago - really not sure if that caused the change - I think I would have noticed if I updated and this immediately changed but then I have been ignoring it/putting up with it for a while. I dual boot with Windows (10) so next time I’m in Windows I’ll have a look at what calc looks like.
(Feel like a grumpy old person - Why do things have to keep changing? Why? Just makes life more difficult …but then I’ve not had a good day!) :slightly_smiling_face:

I have exactly the same problem of not being able to change the border colour of a selected cell. I am using Mac OS with latest LibreOffice S/W. I don’t see anyone offering a clear solution to a very important problem - namely not being able to see a selected cell - IMMEDIATELY. Lime green is not easy to see. Help please.

Sorry late to reply - but see my comment on 13 may.
It is operating system dependent - so in your case Mac OS.
You need to change the theme/colour scheme in Mac OS …no idea how to do that -its years since I used a Mac. But sure a bit of web searching will tell you how to do it
Sure it is a ‘new’ thing - before it mustn’t have been OS linked… I changed to Linux mint a year or so before I started having this problem and as far as I am aware Mint hasn’t changed colour scheme.

So I’ve looked in Windows and it is different -it is operator system dependent.
My solution (in Linux Mint cinnamon) go to system settings, themes and change the ‘controls’ - I’m using Mint-y-blue -but if you open a spreadsheet at the same time you can choose which suits you (and your spreadsheets best)
However I had done villeroy’s changing TransparentSelection to false but this actually makes it harder to see the cells - I’ve changed it back to true now (Will post this in that thread too)
It is better now but not ideal…