Change color of comment anchor

Hello. Is that possible?


As per version 7.2, comment indicators can be hidden, but are red.

You can hide the comment indicators (Tools-Options-LibreOffice Calc-View-Comment Indicator (under Display) per @LeroyG . If you think you want to use a macro, here is a macro that will go through every sheet and apply the Note style to every cell with a comment. Just run this macro, or ask further about applying it to run every time some event happens to make it automatic. Of course, setting the style to Note will make the style Note! You can create your own style based on underlying styles if you want, though.

Sub StyleCommentCells()
	'Based in part on code by FJCC @ AOO Forum
	Dim Sheets As Object
	Dim Sheet As Object
	Dim Annotations As Object
	Dim Annotation As Object
	Dim Cell As Object
	Dim CellAddr As Object '
	Dim Style as String
	Style = "Note"
	Sheets = ThisComponent.Sheets
	For Each Sheet In Sheets
	    Annotations = Sheet.getAnnotations()
	    For Each Annotation in Annotations
	    	CellAddr = Annotation.Position
	    	Cell = Sheet.getCellByPosition(CellAddr.Column, CellAddr.Row)
	    	Cell.CellStyle = Style
		    'Cell.Annotation.isVisible = False
		Next Annotation
	Next Sheet
End Sub

@joshua4 Thank you! That sounds interesting. I will play around with it and come back to you if I have questions.