Change corresponding table field to a copied field in Form view

I have added a field to the tabel I’m using. If I copy a field in Form view… can I change the corresponding field from the tabel with the new one I just created?

I really don’t get it. I added this screenshots so you can see the structure of this base. The last screenshot shows what I want to do, I copyed the “FirstName” field and placed it to the left of the original field. Now I want to correspond this new field to the tabel where I created a “Company name” field.

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Controls on a form are connected to a field in a table via the properties of the control on the Data tab. Thus, if a text box displays field “B” data and you now want it to display field “Q” data, just change the Data Field in the text box properties on the Data tab. The control being changed should be appropriate for the data. You certainly don’t want a checkbox for a table text field.

The documentation for Base can be found here → Documentation/Publications. Be sure to look at Getting started section as well as the Base section.

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I added som screenshots to my question and a little text desription…

So the question becomes “Where is the data shown on the form coming from?” Is it coming from the table or from the query? If it is from the table the answer is correct. If it is from the query, you must change the query to include the added table field in the result set and then modify the form for the added field.

Hi again. I have managed to make the new field corresponding to the form. If I implement a new field here I can choose the field created in the tab, the question is… can I apply this field from table to the copied field in form view?

@Bluesman It appears you have little background in the basics of Base. I have pointed you to the documentation for Base for your further understanding.

The question just asked is the same question you have asked in two different ways in your original question. I have answered this in my answer and in a different manner in my comment.

Once again, edit the form. Select the control on the form you wish to change. If the copied control is combined with a label control, hold Ctrl when selecting

Right click the selected control & select properties. On the Data tab change the Data Field to the new field in the table. If the form is based upon a query and not in the list, change the query first. Then it will be in the list.

If you still have problems, you need to post a sample of the .odb you are using without personal or confidential information in it.

Thanks Ratslinger for being patience with me :slight_smile: Now it worked when using the Ctrl key…

@Bluesman You’re welcome. I believe the documentation will help you in many of the small details in using forms, fields, controls & so much more. However, questions on the forum are always welcome.