Change DDE link source

I have several Writer documents linked with a Calc document through DDE links (several links in each Writer document). I need to share the same date between several Writer documents and this is the way I have found to do it.

I have to change the name of the Calc document (I use it as a template), but if I do that I have to change one by one all the DDE links in each of the Writer documents.

I would like to find the way to make the link between the Writer documents and the Calc document, so when I have to change the Calc document name I only have to make one change in the Writer documents. I have thinked to use something like a variable in the writer documents where keeps the Calc name or path, and use it to make the links; but it doesn´t work (or at least I don´t know how to do it work).

Thanks in advance for your help.

I am not sure I understand, so let me rephrase your situation by using an example:

  • A1.ods: Calc document containing date data. Possibly multiple date data in different cells / sheets.
  • B1.odt: Writer document containing multiple DDE links to A1.ods data.
  • B2.odt: Writer document containing multiple DDE links to A1.ods data.

Scenario 1: When you rename A1.odt, for example to Z1.ods, you would like all DDE links in B1.odt and B2.odt to be updated. This is unlikely to be possible.

Scenario 2: When you rename A1.ods, for example to Z1.ods, and then subsequently open B1.odt it would be ideal if you only had to make one change and all DDE links in the document are updated to Z1.ods. You can probably do this via a macro, but you still have to make the same change to B2.odt.

Hi Mlucio,

When you click DDE link in writer (maybe you need to do a double click), then you can edit in Menu/Edit/Link, where you can modify the source file.