Change default font of Indic languages

Is it possible to change the default font of Indic languages (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam etc) in LibreOffice Calc?

Scenario is, the font I’ve selected for Malayalam text before saving the file is getting changed to Arial font whenever I open it! And it renders Malayalam text incorrectly! So, I’ve to reselect the preferred font every time. Any solution to this situation?

I tried using Cell Styles, but that didn’t help. When I save the file to XLSX or XLS format, it’s getting lost.

Thanks in advance.

Learn and use styles.

To use styles open the Manage Styles pane (on the right) or via F11 on an empty workbook.

Go to Cell Styles, not Page Styles and right click Default than Modify

Apply all the changes you like including the font type.

When you have finished save it as a template (under file / templates), give it a name you like and MAKE SURE you select the check box with Set as default template.

Save it and now you just set the rule for all new sheets you are to create in calc.

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Forgot to mention. I tried using Cell Styles, but that didn’t help. When I save the file to XLSX or XLS format, it’s getting lost. Reported it as a bug here.

Writer needs to be configured before using Asian or Indic languages. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Tools>Options, Language Settings>Languages

    • Enable Indic languages handling by checking Complex text layout box and selected Malayalam language from the drop-down menu
    • Press OK to record this setting.
  2. Reopen Tools>Options, but go to LibreOffice Writer>`Basic Fonts (CTL)

    Choose the default font and size for the listed contexts.

Note that once CTL is enabled, you have extra settings which can be tuned in Language Settings>Complex Text Layout. I don’t know what they mean because I have no notion in any Indic language.

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Read the question. The asker emphasizes that he uses Calc.

@gabix: Shame on me! I completely zapped both the tag and the emphasis.

However, I think my point 1. needs to be done anyway.