Change default header/footer autofit height setting

In writer specifically, but not sure it matters. Is there a way to have the default setting for the header/footer autofit height option to NOT be enabled? I’ve tried editing the default style, the header/footer style, it doesn’t even seem to save the change if I save a file having disabled the option… once I close and reopen said file, it’s back to being enabled. :frowning:

Any ideas?

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I have no problem saving the footer height settings.
Please explain more precisely what you are doing.

Any solutions to this?
Basically I unticked Use dynamic spacing and autofit height, but after I save the document and re-open, these are back and has re-adjusted my height settings.

Do you save as docx or odt? If docx, it’s probably a compatibility problem, if odt, I don’t know.

Seems what you need is set up a default template, with those options.