Change default settings for pasting images

Is there a method to change the default settings for pasting an image?
We regularly cut and paste numerous images in a document.
We add text to the right or below the image so want it anchored properly.
This is what we have to do in Libre Writer:

1. After pasting the image into a Writer doc:
2. Right click on image 
3. Choose ‘Properties’
4. Choose ‘Type’ 
5. Under Position/horizontal choose ‘Left’
6. Under “Anchor” choose "To Paragraph"
7. Select 'Wrap' tab 
8. Under ‘Settings’  select Wrap
9. Change to ‘After’

Now the image is aligned left and you can add text to the right or below.
We do this all day.

That’s nine steps for every image we add to the document!!!
There is no way to change the default.

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Choose Menu `Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>Formatsettings there at Picture (or Image?)>Anchor`
Furthermore, the positioning of the image depends on the style / frame template "Images".

Define a custom frame style or modify built-in Graphics if this is your sole usage of images.

Adjust the settings in Type and Wrap tabs. The only parameter you can’t set is anchor mode.

After pasting an image, select it. Double-click on the frame style name in the style side pane (normally, the frame style list is automatically selected after pasting).

Always double-click because frame styles behave rather erratically compared to other styles. In particular, they don’t automatically update when you change their definition.

If the image is not anchored To paragraph, right-click on it and Anchor>To paragraph.

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