Change Default Styles When Opening Existing Documents

I’m using LibreOffice to add arrow annotations to my PDFs that I Open With LibreOffice Draw and I must manually change the arrow function from Blue to Red every time I open the PDF. Manually changing from Blue to Red for dozens of PDFs hurts my efficiency. I don’t know how to make it so that every time I open a PDF I need to annotate the arrow is Red by default instead of Blue. Can anyone help me with this? Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Change Default Template to change from Blue to Red. However, this only works on NEW documents, not PDFs that I Open With Libreoffice Draw. How can I change this simple default setting?


Draw a red arrow and (stay with the mouse button on the object for approx. 2 seconds) drag it slowly to the Gallery in the sidebar (Ctrl + F5).
When you open a PDF, you can simply drag the red arrow over to where you need it.

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Thanks, that works.

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