Change font color in Base table data view

For some reason, the default colour scheme in Base table view appears to be a dark font on a dark background. The data are unreadable. I’ve tried changing the font to a lighter colour (Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Application Colors > Font Color), to no effect. I’ve tried changing the background to a lighter colour (Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Application Colors > Document Background), again, to no effect. I’m not trying to invent a new colour scheme. I just want to be able to see the data. My computer’s colour scheme is set to light.

I’m using LibreOffice Community on Linux (Pop!_OS), and I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem I’m trying to solve. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

image description

Never seen such a black background. Here the background is the same which I defined in the windowmanager (KDE on my system).

I’m missing the Toolbar, the Menubar …

Changing the color of the font in a table will be work when typing with right mouse click on the left of “Notes” on the screenshot. Then you could choose Table Format → Font Effects. But I don’t know if you will see anything in this dialog, because all seems to be black.

I would prefer to test Help → Restart in Safe Mode and see what is happening with the color in safe mode.

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  • There is no version - is it typo and do you mean ?
  • Which desktop manager do you use (GNOME, KDE, …)?
  • Are you using a dark theme within your operating system’s desktop manager?
  • Did you install LibreOffice via Launchpad PPA (Ubuntu repositories) or did you download from
  • Which version of Pop!_OS do you use (20.04 / 21.04 or anything else)?

Yep, this worked for me.

It seems to be an issue with this particular element (table view) not following system theme settings or even libreoffice’s own theming and is hard stuck on black.

I just set it to automatic and it adjusts like it should.

I’m using LO v7.3.7.2,
Pop!_OS 22.04 with dark theme,
and using regular repo version.