Change font color in Base table data view

For some reason, the default colour scheme in Base table view appears to be a dark font on a dark background. The data are unreadable. I’ve tried changing the font to a lighter colour (Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Application Colors > Font Color), to no effect. I’ve tried changing the background to a lighter colour (Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Application Colors > Document Background), again, to no effect. I’m not trying to invent a new colour scheme. I just want to be able to see the data. My computer’s colour scheme is set to light.

I’m using LibreOffice Community on Linux (Pop!_OS), and I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem I’m trying to solve. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

image description

Never seen such a black background. Here the background is the same which I defined in the windowmanager (KDE on my system).

I’m missing the Toolbar, the Menubar …

Changing the color of the font in a table will be work when typing with right mouse click on the left of “Notes” on the screenshot. Then you could choose Table Format → Font Effects. But I don’t know if you will see anything in this dialog, because all seems to be black.

I would prefer to test Help → Restart in Safe Mode and see what is happening with the color in safe mode.

  • There is no version - is it typo and do you mean ?
  • Which desktop manager do you use (GNOME, KDE, …)?
  • Are you using a dark theme within your operating system’s desktop manager?
  • Did you install LibreOffice via Launchpad PPA (Ubuntu repositories) or did you download from
  • Which version of Pop!_OS do you use (20.04 / 21.04 or anything else)?