Change format for all text in Impress

The formatting for my presentation got changed and I’m unsure how. I saved a separate copy of the presentation, and it had the same character/highlighting changes. To change it back, I can do the following:

Format -> Text -> Overline
Format -> Character -> Highlighting -> None

However, I have over 200 slides so it would take hours to do this manually on every single slide. Is there a way to automatically apply these changes to every text object in my document? Note, these are not text boxes but instead are rectangles with text in them.

EDIT: I found this answer where he changes the Font Family for the entire presentation.

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Your problem lies in the direct formatting:

Format → Text → Overline

Format → Character → Highlighting → None

I hope you only changed one or two slides like that.

Mark the text on the slides that you formatted directly.

Choose Format>Clear Direct Formatting... from the menu.

Put the cursor in a text of an object that is unchanged (no direct formatting!).

Right-click on “Default” Drawing style in the sidebar (F11) and select “Modify”.

In the tab “Font”, “FontEffects” and “Highlighting” you can make your desired changes.

Click on OK.

Good luck.

With me Windows 10 Home; Version 2004; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

Unfortunately, I’m relatively new to LibreOffice and used Direct Formatting for the entire presentation. Also, I’m hoping to find a solution using Macros.