Change format style to page numbering

Hi, I need help changing font color of my page number.

I’m trying to convert html to pdf through Unoconv and I’m using the following html code on Ubuntu:

<div style='overflow: auto;'><div style='float: right; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: right; height: 55px; width: 32px; background-color: #DD1317; font-style: italic;'><sdfield type=PAGE subtype=RANDOM format=PAGE>3</sdfield></div></div>

But the outer div tag with the color:#FFFFFF property does not take effect and the color of the page number is black by default.

What am I supposed to do?

Thanks in advance,

This is HTML+CSS. How is it related to LO Calc (from your tags)? Are you aware this site is dedicated to LibreOffice, an office suite?

If you are really using LO, edit your question to improve it with a clear description of your goal and procedure. Don’t forget to mention your OS and LO version.

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I think your question is off-topic.

Have you tried to load your HTML file in a web browser? It will be interpreted correctly as a web browser is a native application for HTML.

From your web browser, you can then “print” the file. Many OS’es (you didn’t mention yours, so no more useful advice) offer a “print to file” fake printer with a choice of output formats among which PDF. This is probably simpler than twisting LO into the operation (especially Calc which is the spreadsheet component).

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I think your answer is not helping.

Can you elaborate a bit more? This is the simplest solution because LO (any component) is not an HTML editor.