Change in default fonts from options reverts in 6.4.5

Change in default fonts from tools- options- LO writer- Basic fonts [western] reverts when changed in 6.4.5 Linux after restart. Default is Liberation Serif. Please confirm.

Works for me (LO, Fedora 32, Plasma desktop)

By chance, did you change paragraph style Default Style in your default template? Changes there override those of Tools>Options.

Works for me on openSUSE 15.2, LibreOffice Plasma desktop.

@ajlittoz You got it, it was a sniper shot!
Actually I had created a custom template, deleted it and then wished to switch back to default, I was wondering how to do that. ‘Manage templates’ box was open in front of me and I wasn’t seeing any ‘Default’ button, so I was wondering. Then I saw a template named ‘Default’ and in absense of any other apparent option, I thought this must be it and set that as default though feeling something doesn’t look okay at the same time.
But that ‘default’ was not default! Rather, by deleting my template it automatically went back to default.
I think this confusion can be suggested as design improvement to the respective team to not name templates as ‘default’. Or teach me why are they named ‘default’ if that has a purpose?

And I forgot to say ‘thank you’, Thank you everybody.

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Defaults in Writer are organised in a hierarchy, allowing for simple to sophisticated way of customising it (from newbie to expert skills).

At the deepest level, Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>… (various items) set very global settings which are saved in the user profile. The settings survive session close and are available for all new documents. Amongst these, Basic Fonts (Western) define font face and size for various “primary” built-in paragraph styles.

Above this level, the styles provide more possibilities and flexibility. Since the paragraph (and character) styles form an inheritance tree, the attributes set in an ancestor also apply to descendant styles unless this attribute is overridden in a descendant.

Paragraph style Default Style is the ancestor of all other styles and its sole purpose is to set default for all others. This is why it should not be used to write text (the “standard” text style in Writer is Text Body). If font face is set in Default Style, this overrides the setting in Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Basic Fonts (Western).

Unless you take special measure, changing paragraph styles has effect only in the current document.

To make your style collection available for all new documents (and thus have it as your user-defaults), store them in a template document and make this template the default.

From this explanation, changing Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Basic Fonts (Western) is ineffective when you have a personal template with a modified Default Style paragraph style.

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Paragraph style Default Style is the ancestor of all other styles

To add to various sophisticated ways of customization, you may also create other top-level (not inheriting from anything) paragraph styles, thus creating a “forest” of style hierarchies (not a single hierarchy tree) in your document/template.

I think this confusion can be suggested as design improvement to the respective team to not name templates as ‘default’: why do we have templates named ‘default’?

Having a template named as “Default” is a good way to tell user this is the one used by LO in absence of other customisation. Of course, if you designate another one as your preferred user-default, the name no longer makes sense.

I have not attempted to do this, but you can right-click and Delete it. If you want to experiment this track, create first an independent account on your computer and make your tests under this account. I think the Default template designation is kept in the user profile so deletion would not delete the physical file (which is anyway in system protected directory). Delete really deletes templates in user-defined template directories. Consequently, be careful.

@ajlittoz Yeah, it can’t be deleted