Change name of index and Delete Blank Entries in Index

  1. My index is called “Alphabetical Index”. I want to change the name of the index to “Alphabetical Index of First Lines”.
    How do I do this?

  2. At the end of my index there are several blank entries e.g. “…1” , “…37” , …52.
    I can not find any little shaded rectangles where a code might be hiding, anywhere in the document.
    How can I eliminate these blank entries?

Thanks for your help!


Index title

Right-click on your index and Edit Index/Table.

Change the text in the Title box. This can also be done when the index is initially inserted.

Stray index entries

Hover the mouse over an existing index entry (you should see a tooltip Alphabetical Index: xxx). Right-click and Index Entry. The dialog shows two heavy arrows which allow you to navigate to next and previous entries. Do so until you reach undesired entries. Press Delete.

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Thank you so much. The answer was simple and easy to execute.
Best wishes,