Change name of trend line in legend


I have a problem with Libreoffice Calc 4.0. I have data series named “my_name”. Then I inserted exponential trend line of this data series and in legend I have “Exponential (my_name)”. I want to change this name with no affect to the name of the original data series. Is there any easy way?

I think what you are looking for is in:

Right-click on the trend line.
Format trend line.
In “Type” tab.
Options-Trendline Name

Thank you, but there is no “Options-Trendline Name” in “Type” tab in “Format trend line” - my co-worker was watching me. I have been looking for the solutions for hours, but no luck… I am desperate because I wanted to do something else by now. I will be glad for any help.

Solved - don’t use LibreOffice 4.0 but 4.2 instead

I found a solution. Don’t use LibreOffice 4.0 but 4.2 instead. Then it works.