change number of documents displayed

is there a way to change the number of documents displayed when first opening libreoffice?

i’d like to reduce the number but display them larger (so i can read the document title better, display more characters of the title)

i looked in various settings and searched but so far haven’t found anything


There is a way to change the number of thumbnails displayed (see but you cannot change the size of the thumbnails anyway.

many thanks, guess i’ll keep the default setting on this since the size cannot be changed, appreciate the guidance, thanks

Instead of starting LO, i.e clicking on a generic icon, start the component you intend to use: Writer, Calc, Impress, … because you know tou’ll edit a text document, a spreadsheet, an presentation, … When the component opens, File>Recent Documents will present the list of recent file names.

Remember that this list is only a cache for your recent activity. If you moved a file or deleted it outside of LO, the name will no longer point on the designated file. This is not LO fault. This was done without LO knowing it.

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i’ll keep the default stuff for now i guess, many thanks though :slight_smile: