Change ods icon to icon used for xls?

I’m on a Windows 10 Pro computer. I just spent half an hour looking for a spreadsheet that happened to be on my desktop because I was looking for the green icon that I’m accustomed to for spreadsheets, but the file was created new and saved as an .ods and had the white icon and blended in with all my text documents. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

image description

Is there any way to have the ODS files use the same icon for the XLS files?

I would really like to not have to go through this again!


Just don’t install the Explorer Extension component, which shows you the thumbnails instead of icons.Use Windows applet that manages installed programs, and modify your LibreOffice installation (you will possibly need to reboot, since the said component is loaded into Explorer, and thus would not be actually removed until the reboot).

Thanks for the reply.

I ran the setup again, selected Modify, went into Optional Components and removed the Windows Explorer Extension and completed the wizard.

After rebooting the ods icon remained the same.

Then I went into Windows 10’s Choose default apps by file type.

There it says that .xls type files are to be opened with LibreOffice Calc while the .ods files are to be opened with LibreOffice. So next I right click an .ods file and select Open With and go through the process of changing the default program to LibreOffice Calc and reboot again.

Now, for all the effort of removing the Explorer Extension and changing the default program, all I’ve managed to do is change the tiny little document image in the bottom right of the icon from plain white to the Calc icon image.

image description


Windows Explorer keeps its cache of icons; so once it had got an icon for an item, it stores the image to its cache for a while. So you can try to clear the cache.

It seems to me this is an operating system issue, rather than directly to do with how LibreOffice works.

In any case, it seems there is an informative Q&A on how to change app icons in Win10 on Perhaps there’s some help there?

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