Change of Page Numbering in Writer when line numbering is on


Where does the cursor have to be in order to change the page numbering of a 10-page document from 1-10 to 40-49 when line numbering is on? I “know” how to do this but I always end up with one extra page (before the first page) resulting in a total of 11 pages instead of 10. I was able to do this task twice without any extra pages and proper numbering but it adds one page again when I repeat the same task from scratch or edit the page range in the successful document.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

PS: I’m using LibreOffice

On the first paragraph (line 1) of the first page. Format > Paragraph… > Text Flow tab > Breaks section. Used at this location no additional page will be inserted prior to the first page. Alternatively, create a custom paragraph style to be applied to this first paragraph, that has the same break settings.

Copy of the provided document, modified to start on page 70, here.

@ oweng

Thanks for your reply. I applied your solution numerous times which always resulted in the outcome mentioned in my first post. I’ve attached a sample document Sample Document.odt and was wondering if you could do the page numbering starting the first page with the page number 70.

Many thanks.

Place cursor on “Übungstext” heading (i.e., the first paragraph) and use the steps I indicated. The header initially changes from “Seite 1 von 3” to “Seite 70 von 4” (even though there are still only 3 page). Upon save, close and reopen of the document this reverts to “Seite 70 von 3” which is correct, but still looks a bit strange. I will add a copy of the modified document to my answer.

@ oweng

The reason it didn’t work for me is that I didn’t save, close and reopen document. Many thanks.

I did the following to change the header from “Seite 70 von 3” to “Seite 1 von 3”:

  • right-click before the first number in header, in my case 70
  • click Fields
  • in Offset insert the appropriate number, in my case -69

Click ok and header reads now “Seite 1 of 3”.

Many thanks again.