Change position of text in dimension lines

I’m adding dimension lines to a drawing and I’d like to move the dimension text from the middle of the line. It is 90 degrees to the line and to the right of the line, at the mid point. I’d like to move it upward, to maybe the 3/4 point.

I don’t see any sort of handle on the dimension text when the line is selected, and using the Dimensions selection in the right click menu does not show any controls that might help.

Is this simply something that is not built into Draw?

Have you tried right-click then Text Attributes and changing the values for Spacing to Borders?

Note that the Top, Right, etc might be rotated in some circumstances if in the Dimensions dialogue the box Parallel to line is ticked.

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Thanks for the idea, but that didn’t work. I was able to move the text away from the dimension line, but not parallel to it.

…but that didn’t work.

Why not?

I tried making a new dimension line and it did work! Sometimes the interaction of the various settings is less than obvious. I must have had rotation or “measure below line” set and it was hiding my test results.


Hrbrgr, you will have to tell me. I find many features in this program can be hard to understand.

Well, that’s what the manuals and individual hotspot reports in the wiki are for.
And why can’t you find all the descriptions in detail?
Quite simply, LibreOffice is mainly dependent on volunteers, especially when it comes to documentation.
Since LibreOffice develops relatively fast, there is always a lot to document.
Unfortunately, there are too few volunteers who want to deal with the task.

English documentation

Yes, I like using Libreoffice, but when I try to do anything new, I find I need to learn not only about that thing, but several other things, such as “hotspot reports”… I’ve never heard of these.

I need to focus on my work and not learning new things about tools. Of course, that’s not your fault or anyone else’s. It’s just reality and this is one of the big limitations of Libreoffice.

I find it cute that you ask me why I couldn’t find the descriptions. I did find the docs on the dimension lines, but I saw nothing about text attributes in that context. I don’t find it intuitive to think of using text attributes to move the text on a dimension line. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. Because after struggling with it for some time, I did try that, but it did not seem to have an effect. Why? I have no idea. That’s a problem with “trying things”. The object you are mucking with can get messed up in ways that are hard to understand, like a Rubik’s Cube.

To walk through, we have this dimension line where there isn’t enough room for the text between the lines so by convention it is situated vertically above it. You want the text horizontal so untick the box Parallel to line in right-click Dimensions

We get

Now the text is inconveniently located, say blocking another element, so we need to move it. For that we use right-click Text Attributes. Unfortunately, as we have unticked Parallel to line the adjustments themselves are rotated and no longer refer to the correct direction (maybe a bug). After a little trial and error we find which settings to alter to move the text in the direction we want

Hope this helps. Cheers, Al

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