change slide masters from existing presentation to a new presentation

Situation is as follows:

  1. I have a large number of presentations with multiple layouts (title, outline, text, etc.)
  2. We have a new corporate identity concept, with layouts distributed as presentation

What I’d like to do:
a) Make that presentation with the new layout to Masters (Template)
b) Define that new Template as master layout for the existing presentations
c) Select for each slide in the existing presentations the intended Master slide from the new template

Could anyone help me, please, with a set of instructions or a link showing how this could be done?

Thanks in advance,


Open an old Presentation.

Select in the menu Slide>Insert slide from file.... (new Layout)

Insert the slide at the end.

Click on Slide master icon in the Sidebar.

Right-click on the new desired layout and select “Apply to all slides”.

Delete the last slide.

Save the modified presentation.

See also Addition:

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Thanks a lot! It is a useful work-around.

So I do one by one.
And no criticism versus you: I had actually hoped for a method to replace each Master slide with another one in the Master view. Maybe I should file an RFE for that … .

Thanks again,


And no criticism versus you:

of course I have not programmed it.

Good luck!

Maybe someone else knows a better way, let’s see.

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