Change template associated with a document

In Libre Writer, Properties/General view shows the current template associated with the document. How can I change this, in LO?

The Template Changer extension can be used to change the template currently associated with a document. It will allow you to change one or several files at a time. The Template Changer extension can be downloaded here.

It’s currently compatible with LibreOffice 3.4 thru 3.6. More information on how to use it is available here.

LibreOffice 4 users can see this question.

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The extension can be a good solution. Unfortunately it does not work with LO 4.0 or 4.1. Is there another way how to change the document template?

@Imcon The Template Changer extension on is version 1.2.6 and only works with 3.x versions of LibreOffice. Version 1.2.7b of the extension is available. It’s a beta version that does work with 4.0 and later. Follow the link @manj_k posted in a comment to this answer. There he provides some important info about it and provides a link to the bug where the extension is posted.

Here is the direct link for the beta version of the extension from @manj_k’s post (let’s give László some thanks for his work on this!):

László Németh 2013-06-14 13:47:10 UTC

This beta release contains the necessary fixes for LibreOffice 4.0. The menus have been moved to File » Send:

I don’t know about the benefits, but latest version is 1.2.7d (my mirrored file on dropbox) from 2016-10-17.

Original file from the bugtracker (attatchment in comment 16) has to be renamed from .zip to .oxt if you want to install under windows.

Note that the template-changer-1.2.7c.oxt version of the extension (not the version available in the LibO Extensions repository) still works well with LibO Writer Version:

This is an important extension, so it’s a shame that it isn’t updated in the official repo.