change text border default

I want bigger text pages in writer


to get larger text area for all of your (new) documents, you need to define your own default template. To do so, perform the following actions:

  • Open an empty new writer document
  • Go to Styles -> Manage Styles – or – F11
  • Click on icon Page Styles (4th icon beneath word Styles, hover over the icon)
  • Right click -> Modify ... on Default Style
  • Select tab Page in the following dialog
  • Set your desired Margins and click OK
  • File -> Templates -> Save as Template
  • Add a Template Name (e.g. MyWriterDefault)
  • Select a Template Category (e.g. `My Templates*)
  • Important: Tick [x[ Set as default template
  • Click Save button
  • Close your Writer document (you don’t need to save it once more)
  • Open a new Writer document and check whether your new setting got applied.

Hope that helps.

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The PAGE SIZE and PAGE MARGINS are set in the PAGE STYLE. On my system RIGHT CLICK and choose PAGE. You can then select paper and margin sizes.

To make the changes for all new documents you need to save the page with a new DEFAULT TEMPLATE.

I would suggest you learn about STYLES and TEMPLATES to better manage your use of LibreOffice and save time. Let the software do the work.