Change the autofilter arrow background when active

Is there any way to change the small arrow background color of the AutoFilter when “filtered”, ie when a selection is active?

Currently, the down arrow changes from white/black to blue on the column where the auto filter is active. This can be extremely difficult to see.

It would be much better if:

  • the foreground and background colours reversed when selected, or
  • the arrow became significantly bigger, or
  • the background colour changes to, say, orange, or
  • anything that would make it easier to see which column has an active auto filter

Generally, I love LibreOffice Calc. However, this is a major UI fail.

Michael Barraclough

Watch out for the small blue square in right lower corner of the “arrow” selector

Implemented for 7.2 with tdf#140955.

… and how it looks like:

image description