Change the background color/ design

Hello I m using LibreOffice and I have several questions:

First of all how to change the background to look like this :

If I could even personalize it I d be so happy

The toolbar as well in blue moon :slight_smile:

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For general look and feel, change the OS desktop theme. Many UI “parts” in LO retrieve the OS theme.

The remaining “LO-private” aspect is controlled from Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Application Colors.


It appears that OP requires a bi-color background with a diagonal separation between colors.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. To achieve this, a custom window manager (WM) is needed. LO uses whatever WM is available on the host system. Selecting a WM is done in the OS; LO is fully transparent about it.

If you are a programmer, you can have a try at it. But be prepared for difficulties.

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answered from @Janus49:

Hey thx But I don t see how I can do it to have a triangle

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