Change the background of the small arrow AutoFilter.


Existe alguma maneira de alterar a cor do fundo da setinha do Autofiltro quando “filtrado”, ou seja, quando alguma seleção estiver ativa. Motivo: quando esta com alguma seleção, ele só altera, a seta, de preto para azul e pode passar despercebido, se por exemplo, ficasse com o fundo laranja seria mais fácil visualizar.

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Is there any way to change the small arrow background color of the AutoFilter when “filtered”, ie when a selection is active. Reason: When this with any selection, it only changes the arrow from black to blue and can go undetected, for example, stay with orange background would be easier to see.

It is still very relevant and should not have been closed. I am asking the question again to get it re-opened.

Release notes for LO 7.2 (still in beta) on AutoFilter will make it clearer.

Hello @EarnestAl, version alpha1 is already activated.

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Yes. I was saying that the fix was coming soon (around mid to end August). I wouldn’t recommend using a beta version, let alone an alpha version, for general use. My comment was for the benefit of @barraclm as he was keen to know, I realise that you will probably have already seen the new versions.

@EarnestAl for the day to day I use the stable version, but I like to venture into the new versions.

If you’ve set up conditional formatting remove the arrow from the conditional formatting so it stays the same color (orange?). It might also be happening that the arrow is changing color if you have “automatic” selected as it’s color or for the font color? Make it a specific color instead of automatic if you have auto selected.

Sorry, but the subject is about Auto filter, not Conditional Formatting.