Change the Default Bullet button settings on the Toolbar

All I want is to change the settings for the Bullet button on the Toolbar

(I don’t need/want complicated style)

Right now when I click the Bullet button on the tool - it indents the bullet line 0.4" from the left margin
All I want is to indent it 0.2" in

And to Stay that way for every document

How do I do that?

The bullet button configuration is controlled by Format>Bullet & Numbering, tabs Position and Customize. If you’re a newbie, experiment because settings interact with each other. If you don’t master the interactions, you’ll quickly feel frustrated.

This will take care of the current document.

To have your settings as default in all new documents, you need to store them in the default template.

  • create a blank document: File>New>Text Document (it will inherit the configuration from the default template)
  • adjust your Format>Bullet & Numbering settings (and other settings, e.g. styles, while you’re at it; you can also pre-load fixed text)
  • File>Templates>Save as Template: select My Templates category, give it a name and check Set as default template box

You’re done.

Next time you open a document, it will inherit your customised settings, styles and initial content. Unfortunately you can’t easily backport to existing document. There is a procedure and, if interested, ask a new question.

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Thank you for your reply. I can’t still get the Bullet button in the Tool Bar to indent properly.

For some reason I need to press the Bullet Toggle button Twice.

The first time it is pressed it provides 0.4" indentation - and says ‘Level 1’ in the bottom status bar The second time it is pressed it provides 0.2" indentation (The correct one) - and says “bullet * : level 1” in the status bar (The 3rd time it is pressed it turns the bullet off)

I made a test following your comment. Here, the situation is even worse. I haven’t stored the customisation in the default template and it does not survive a cycle! This is why I prefer to craft my own list styles!