change theme on Windows version of LO 6.0

I’ve searched around a lot on how to change LO to dark theme. I found out about tools → options → application colors which helped me make the document background what I wanted it to be but I also want to change the color of the top panel of the window which I read could only be changed by going to tools-> options → personalization however none of the search queries I tried turned up anything. I even tried giving it the store link of the firefox theme I currently have installed but it just threw an error saying that it couldn’t access the link try again later.

Has anyone been successful at getting themes on the Windows version of LO? I’m trying to emulate what KDE does with LibreOffice but on Windows making as much as possible dark theme. (although I guess to a greater extreme since I even changed the color of the document as well)

I am having the same problem with Windows 10 64 bit & LibreOffice Firefox themes are not showing. There seems to be some internet activity but when it finishes there are still no themes shown. I do like the ability to change the application and document colours so easily. Not a problem if themes are not possible in Windows but would be nice if possible as I have used them in the past.

Unfortunately no. LibreOffice will honor DE themes passed in from Windows WDM–but not fully. For example any of the the HighContrast modes (though the HC mode triggers other a11y accomodations).

Unfortunately there is additional work needed and lack of a published API that limit our ability to fully implement the Windows 10 Dark theme.

Issue is open for LIbreOffice as tdf#118320

It makes sense why it’s hard to implement Windows Dark Theme since MS would keep that closed source but why am I unable to even supplement a dark theme from firefox themes? Particularly the dark theme that’s integrated into the browser but disabled by default.