Changed entries to #REF!

How do I get my figures back from #REF! ?

This question is related to calc and not to math (which is the formula editor of LibreOffice). Please retag

Edit your question to explain why you consider it related to the mathematics formula editor, a companion application of Writer.

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Anyway, edit your question to explain your context (in which circumstances #REF! appeared) and mention your OS and LO version. Otherwise your chances to get an answer are quite low. Read these guidelines and follow them.

And maybe file format used to save it’s relevant.


no one can answer that since #REF! means you referenced to some unknown/incorrect address (probably by copying a formula containing a relative address to a new cell and the re-calculation of the new address would result in an address outside of calc’s address space). Example: Type =A1 into cell B1 and delete column A => you get #REF! in new cell A1 - nobody can determine what has been in B1 before you deleted column A