Changes in bullet sizes?

I have been writing a long document in Writer that makes a lot of use of bullets. All of a sudden the bullet sizes on new text have changed to smaller bullets. I would prefer that the bullets be the same size as the rest of the bullets in the text. Any idea of what might caused bullet sizes to change. My version is and I did recently upgrade. (I notice that if I highlight one of the old bullets that all highlight but none of the new ones join.)

Open the Style&Formatting pane in the sidebar and click on category “List Styles”. Set cursor into a paragraph, which has the correct bullets. Click in the Style&Formatting pane on “New from selection” and enter a name. Then mark all paragraphs which have the “wrong” bullets and double click the new style to assign it.

You can highlight each grouping of bullet points at a time. Right click any where in the highlighted area or right click a single bullet-> Bullets and Numbering → change from Solid small circular bullets to Solid large circular bullets.

Once the last set of bullets is changed, then the subsequent sets of bullets should retain the corrected type.

Answer to this question contains an introduction on the various customisations you can apply to lists.