Changes printer paper size

I am trying, unsuccessfully, to print on 5.5" X 8.5" paper (punched Day Planner). EVERY time it changes from “custom” to 8.5" X 11".
I have newest printer drivers. Have talked to Canon. LO Version I have even done settings for printers in Control Panel.
Thanks for any help!

Are you doing this from “Printer Settings” dialog or Writer’s “Page Style” dialog?

I have set it in the Writers Page Style where the preview is correct.
I also set it in the Printer Settings, but the Preview and the Print show the small page in the upper left corner of 8.5 X 11"

What operating system are you running? If you are using GNU/Linux you can run the spadmin tool from the command line to permanently set the printer settings.

$ /opt/libreoffice4.1/program/spadmin

Windows 7. (Or have Vista available)