Changing color of characters and background in text box

I’m using LO v. 7.2. the Draw program. I have a text box with text in it. I want to change the background of the text to match the background of a text box nearby, and to change the text color of my text box to white.

This seems an easy task to me, yet I’ve gone through Draw Help, the Draw Manual, etc. for several hours with no success. I’m not dissing the creators of these texts, I just need a simpler explanation. Anyone who can help, thanks.

As you want to match a nearby text box, it might be be quicker to select the nearby text box, click the Clone Formatting brush and then click the new text box.

If you are going to have more text boxes all the same background and text style, it is quicker overall to create a new style for the text box. Click on the original text box, open the Sidebar, select Styles and at the top right of the pane click the icon New style from selection. A dialogue box will open, enter a name for the style, e.g. MainTextBox, and click OK. For subsequent text boxes, all you have to do is to select a new text box, then double-click the new style in the sidebar and it will take on the same font, colour and background.

In Draw it is possible to assign a drawing style to text boxes (not in Writer). This is definitely better than direct formatting. Take a look at the possibilities:

Adjust text box with drawing styles

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For the background, select the text box you want to make changes to by a left mouse click in the text box. Then in the text box right mouse click and select Area. On the area tab, select color and pick wanted color.

For the text, again with the text box selected, select the text you want to change color. Then right mouse click and select Character. On Font Effects tab change color with Font color.

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Many thanks. Just what I need.