Changing comma to pipe


I have an export from my website, and i have a couple (3000) text that are separated with a comma, but i need to separate it with a pipe this: | Is there a way to get it to do this?
So to be clear I do not want de separator of the file to change but the text insight the file.

Please make your request clearer.

Are you trying to change a “plain text” file (usual extension .txt) or to manipulate a formatted text?

In both cases if it is only a matter of replacing a comma with a vertical bar, use the replace or Find&Replace command of the application.

Explain where Writer is specifically concerned. In any case, mention your OS name and LO version.

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yes - use Edit -> Find and Replace

  • Make a copy of your document (if something goes wrong)
  • Open the copy
  • Edit -> Find and Replace
    Find: ,
    Replace: |
    Assure that option [ ] Regular expressions is not set
  • Click button Find all to check and if the , (commas) found are OK for being replaced
  • Click button Replace All

Hope that helps.

Thank you! This solves the problem.