Changing ctrl+f highlight color

With one of my Writer updates the Find highlight color got changed. Now when I search for a word I have to change the screen angle to see the highlights around the word I’m looking for. How can I change the ctrl+f highlight color to make it easier to see the key words I’m looking for? Thanks.

Maybe related to menu

Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View → Selection →

☑ Transparency xy%.

You may play with the transparency value.

Thanks. Doesn’t change the color but at least I can see the key words easier. Thanks

The color of the highlighted selection in LibreOffice depends on the corresponding color settings on OS level (Windows).

In OSX the highlight color is changed by going to

System settings => General

Could someone explain more detailed how to do this in OSX?

I’m using OSX 10.5.8 “Leopard” because I’m on a G4 here. How I did it was:
Went to System Preferences. An Icon that looks like gears is in the dock by default in Leopard. OR,
Go to the Apple symbol that should be on the extreme upper left of the screen, click it and select System Preferences.
Then go to “Personal” settings section, select “Appearance”, then “Highlight color”. It will show you several too-pale choices. I chose “Other”, then middle of 5 methods, some brighter colors.