Changing default anchor and wrap

Is there a way to change the default anchor and wrap for images? I’ve been manually changing both for every image I add for a while and I was wondering if there is a way to set a global setting. I looked around and people were talking about styles.xml editing, but the only styles.xml I found was in calc folder and it didn’t have the things that people were talking about.

No. You cannot do so concerning the anchor type. The fix default is To character.
Yes. You can do it - in a sense - concerning the wrapping, and some other settings.

LibreOffice Writer has implemented the great idea of using styles also for graphic objects. However, the style applied to a newly inserted image or graphic (not a shape!) is always the root style of the Graphics style hierarchy. If you are decisive to always want the same wrap settings, you simply can edit this style insofar as you want it. Done! If you also want to set size properties and/or the relative position of the inserted object, it may not be advisable to do this for the root. You may then better create a hierarchy of one or two additional levels, and accept the need to do the appropriate doubleklick on the styles panel after having inserted an image.

I sure hope this is changed in the future. I do this several scores of times almost every day (some days even a couple of hundred). It is a real pain to have to do that manually for that many images that often.

LibreOffice development isn’t generally steered hierarchically, though there is an EngineeringSteeringCommittee. Implementation of minor features and bug-fixing often are done the cherrypicking way if a developer (probably a volunteer) is interested in the case.
The feature you are requesting may be problematic. As I see it, it’s rather a major piece of development (since the anchoring isn’t independent of wrapping options e.g). I even doubt if it would be compatible with current ODF specifications. Lots of open questions! And a provisional “solution” regarding only a very small scope might aggravate a good and more general one.
Anyway, you can file an “enhancement-bug” to Please first read through related reports like (shortlist) tdf#133291, tdf#132789, tdf#133299 for enhanced understanding.

This issue just turned 18, according to Change default template image anchor to as character