Changing the page size of a book

I have a book which is currently 5x8. I am working on a second edition and would like to change it to 6x9.
My problem is that the book is made of different sections, so I would like to change the pages in one go. Instead now I have to go section by section and change it manually, which is a bit of a drag…
I think this is the same problem I have been having with header and footers. I seem unable to choose one that is going to spread across the book… Instead I have all this “convert” styles appearing on the header and footers, meaning that I have to edit them one by one and is driving me nuts.
I never understood where these “convert” styles originated form… I think from when I moved text around or copied and pasted something.

So, to sum up… is there an easy way to change the size of a book in one go (and possibly have all the header and footers the same)?

The “Convertnnn” styles are the result of conversion from the MS Word format. If you work exclusively in LibreOffice Writer, there’s no need to save in .doc format, in fact you should always save in the native format of whatever software you use, and only convert to something else if you can’t avoid it.

You can safely delete all Convertnnn page styles (press F11, select the Page styles tab, right click each style and select Delete, it doesn’t matter that it’s in use.

Normally you shouldn’t need more than three page styles for a book, one for the first unnumbered pages, one for the rest for page numbering and headers, and optionally one for the first page of a chapter when you don’t want headers there but do want them on other pages.

See Tutorial on Page styles and headers/footers for more help on page styles.

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