changing user interface

kde5 (plasma) on fedora 31

just installed the new beta, and … after figuring out, that (in contrast to the dev 7.0 version) this one crashes on a previous registrymodifications.xcu, i had to start reconfiguring from scratch. fine.
the default user interface which comes up on a clean install is now: motif with a tiny menu-font. i tried to fiddle around with SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN, but no chance. previous versions (including the dev 7.0) looked at the plasma gtk3 setting, this one doesn’t.
any ideas, how you can change the ui?

The stable versions are installed through packages. The Plasma UI one is libreoffice-kde5. Here you’ve installed a beta release, probably directly from LO site. I don’t know how such a release integrates with a package-controlled system.

ah! i looked up the rpm-s, and you are actually right. under 6, there is a “libreoffice-gtk” package, and for any 7.0 version there is none (yet). that might be it. thank you very much for pointing this out.