Changing X11 VCL's look/components' colors


My current version of LibreOffice (stable from the official Gentoo repository) has a few issues with its GTK integration: it lags when I move images, and takes an additional second to load compared to loading it with the X11 VCL. In response, I decided to continue using said generic VCL. However, such, by default, has an unappealing 90s look, disparate from the dark themes I previously compiled GTK support for.

I found this thread expressing the same issue. There’s probably no getting around faulty integration, but perhaps there’s a way to change that vivid grey to black and consequently invert the font to white. Is this so, or are these attributes hard-coded/require me to recompile something?

Whether as a result of upgrading LibreOffice to the “still”, or from switching to Wayland from Xorg, the issues inciting me to tinker with the X11 VCL’s look are no more.

It seems wrong to mark this thread as solved, as my conclusion is irrelevant to the issue in the title. Is there a way of locking or deleting it?