Chapter headers -Insert author name and book title-Is there a way to save time?

I want to put the author name on one side of the book and the book name on the other on the relevant pages. Is there a way to automatically insert them so I don’t have to copy and paste or manually write them in?

(copy and paste are fine until you want to do something else mid-task.)

I partially answered my own question as "Insert Field-Title does the book header.
Presumably, I can create a field for my name?

When you write

on one side of the book and … on the other

I assume you’re talking about left and right pages.

Yo have a different header on left and right you need 2 page styles.

  • the pour man’s method

    In the style sidepane (F5), press the fourth toolbar icon from the left to list the page styles; the currently active one is highlighted. Right-cluck on it and Modify.

    Go to the Header tab (or Footer if your inserts are at the bottom of the page). Check Header on if not already done, uncheck Same content on left and right page.

    You can now insert various document properties in the header area as fields.

  • the professional method (total control on everything)

    Create two page styles (on for left, the other for right page) and link them so that they alternate automatically.

    Make sure Header on is enabled.

    Insert your fields in the header.

The fields of interests are:

  • Tools>Options, LibreOffice>User Data: this is where you can enter your name and other personal data
  • File>Properties: Description tab for the book title

You can retrieve the values associated with these properties as Insert>Field>Author or Subject, but many others are available with Insert>Field>Other fields, Document tab.

If you also want the current chapter title, it lives in the Cross-references tab, type Numbered paragraphs (of course, it assumes your chapters and other headings are styles Heading n).

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