Chapter Heading Flexible Style (Centered) and TOC

How do I make Heading 1 for my chapter as in the picture here. But also show “CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION” in the TOC?

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CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 5.12; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
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Calc: threaded

For other readers, I summarize your specification.

  • heading

Heading in centered with two lines: first line contains “Chapter 1”, second line “Introduction” with a large vertical spacing between both lines

  • TOC

Corresponding entry should be “Chapter 1 Introduction” on a single line

You must remember that entries in TOC are simply a copy of the heading paragraphs. This means that semantically a heading, whether written on several lines or not, must be made of a single paragraph. Unfortunately as you didn’t enable View>Formatting Marks I have no idea on how you vertically spaced your heading.

Here is how it must be handled. Your heading is entered as:

Chapter 1Shift+EnterIntroductionEnter

Shift+Enter is a line break. It does not create a paragraph break as does Enter. Consequently everything typed is a single paragraph.

Assign style Heading 1 to this paragraph. Customize it to fit your needs, e.g. uppercase or small caps and center-aligned. To space the line, tune Line Spacing in Indents & Spacing. I hope for you you’ll never need 3 lines or the result will be awfully ugly. In this case another trick is possible provided you know what a character style is.

In the TOC, a line break turns into a space. So, everything is on a single line. You can tune the appearance of the entry customizing Contents 1.


In case “Chapter 1” is provided by Tools>Chapter Numbering (again, I can’t tell from the screenshot because View>Field Shadings was no enabled), the line break can be added automatically. In the Position tab, you can set Number followed by New Line.

I remind you that "Chapter " (with a space) can be added automatically by defining as Separator Before in Numbering tab.

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