Chapter Numbering Disable Sublevels

I have been changing settings and for the life of me I cannot find the setting that allows me to disable the listing of sublevels in the numbering for the chapters in my document. I have already changed the following setting to ‘1’ for levels 1 to 4: Tools > Chapter Numbering… > Numbering > Show Sublevel.

To illustrate my issue: I used a document template that looks like this:

image description

After editing myself then sending it to other people to look at and edit it, it now looks like this:

image description

I am unable to return it to what it was. Please somebody help! Most importantly I want to get rid of the II.A.1 and turn that into just 1).

A fool-proff question: are your headings styled with Heading n or some user paragraph style? Have you manually added the numbering with a toolbar button?

If these questions do not show clues, edit your question to attach a sample file. You can attach files only to questions (not possible to comment), so edit your question and use to paperclip tool.

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The headings are styled with the appropriate heading styles (1, 2, and 3).
The numbering has not been manually added.
I will work on attaching a sample file that doesn’t contain sensitive information.
Sorry about the wrong tags, this is my first post and wasn’t sure. I’ve tried to change the tags but every time I do it doesn’t actually change them :frowning:

In Tools>Chapter Numbering, Numbering tab, set Show sublevels: to 1 for all levels.

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As you can read in the question I have already tried that and it doesn’t work. Any other suggestions?