Chapter Numbering randomly restarted

Okay, I’m at my wits end tonight for how this (apparent bug) happened in the first place and for how to fix it. All the googling I’ve tried to do just gets people asking fundamental questions about how to implement it and/or different needs with the second & lower levels.

I have a document where Heading 1 is auto-numbering as “Chapter 1: Chapter Title”. I set it up using Tools->Chapter Numbering, and everything was working fine until tonight. For whatever reason, the heading for Chapter 4 is restarting its numbering.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

But since the numbering is being handled by the Chapter Numbering function, there’s no way that I can find to right-click and just say “Continue Numbering” like I would with a normal number.

My hunch based on the timing of when I think the bug likely appeared (I didn’t notice at first) is that it has something to do with Sections, as I have been having to flip back & forth between 1 & 2 columns throughout the document. Chapter Titles are in 1-column sections, and body text is in 2-column sections. There’s also one spot right at the end of Chapter 3 where I needed 2 sub-columns in the right column, which I ended up solving via a frame after some testing back & forth.

I’m reticent to restart this document yet again because I’m really not looking forward to building the various character & paragraph styles over again. I already had to rebuild it from scratch because of a strange bug affecting the commands to View Page Borders & View Table Borders not working in the first draft of this document.

Any thoughts what might’ve broken and how to diagnose it?

You can also insert a section (within the present section). This is preferable as it will respect the logical flow sequence whereas a frame creates a totally independent “sub-document”. The latter may cause problems if you insert Heading n paragraphs in the frame: numbering may surprise you!

Fair; I’ve run into the problem with the Headings in frames before and you actually helped me realize how quickly it was imploding, a few years ago. Many thanks.

I thought I initially tried the sub-column via section, but now that I’m thinking about it, I forgot to start from the section, and was trying to start from the columns auto-creating the section, and it didn’t work. I’ll give it another shot.

Okay, I’m still not sure what happened, and I’m curious as to any input anyone might have. But for the moment, this solved itself in that typically-infuriating tech support way: Turn it off & back on. Assuming this stays fixed, I’ll hop back on here tomorrow and mark this solved.

I closed Libre & re-opened my file, and magically the Chapter Numbering was back to normal. Didn’t change anything else.

Somewhere an IT professional is cackling, I’m certain.