Chapter Numbering - Start at Zero with Padded Zeros

I’m not sure if this is a bug, an oversight, or just a difference of opinion in implementation, so I’m starting here.
I’m using LO Version:

I have Chapter Numbers that pad zeroes to 2 places, for consistency and alignment (and preference). So that’s 01, 02, 03, …

I also have a Prologue section that I’d like to be “Chapter 00”. You’d think setting the numbering option with 2 places and then setting a “Start at” of 0 would get you exactly that. But it looks like 0 can only ever be one place, and it never pads.

The next level down (Session) should be in the format XX.YY, where XX is the Chapter number to two places, and YY should be the Session number to two places. Here, again, 0 displays only one place.

What’s going on here? Is this a bug/oversight? Or is there some legitimate reason for why this has been implemented this way?

I confirm this inconsistency happens with all padded sequences. File a bug report.

Though any user should have the choice to start with a Chapter 0, I more frequently saw an unnumbered prologue. But here, another bug occurs: you can suppress the number for the prologue, but Heading 2 still are numbered 0.01 instead of simply 01 (though it is ambiguous) or .01. Though, I think there is a theoretical semantic difficulty with unnumbered list entries.

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