Character count (countdown) in base form text box

LO, HSQLDB, MacOS Mojave 10.14.6


I have a feedback form with a text box, I would like to know if (and how) it is possible to provide a live character count or countdown on the form so the user can see how much more text they can enter

Thanks in advance


Have attached an HSQLDB sample to demo this.

This can be done with a macro :

Option Explicit
Sub CharLeftCount()
    Dim oForm           As Object
    Dim sText           As String
    Dim nDisplaySize    As Integer
    Dim nEnteredSize    As Integer
    Dim nRemaining      As Integer
Rem Get internal form
    oForm = ThisComponent.Drawpage.Forms.getbyname( "MainForm" )
Rem Get table field size
    nDisplaySize = oForm.getColumns().getByName("NOTE").DisplaySize
Rem Get text box string
    sText = oForm.getByName("txtNOTE").Text
Rem Get length of current text
    nEnteredSize = Len(sText)
Rem Calculate remaining characters available
    nRemaining = nDisplaySize - nEnteredSize
Rem Display in Label control
    oForm.getByName("LabelCharCount").Label = "Characters Remaining = " & nRemaining
End Sub

Table field name, internal form name and field name apply to sample only. Modify as needed for your use. You also need to set Max. text length in the text box properties (General tab) to match the field length set in the table.

This sub is attached to the Key released event of the text box AND the After record change event of the form.

Sample ----- CharRemaining.odb

Perfect, thank you