Character-set in passwords

When trying to sign on to ‘Ask’, I tried to use a password containing punctuation characters, but the system didn’t like it. I had to settle for one with only upper-case, lower-case and numerals. Suggestion: could the password-change screen give a list of acceptable characters, please? Maybe 1 or 2 punctuation characters ARE acceptable: if so, it would be useful to know which ones.

Some languages have their own local punctuation-marks: the accepted set would have to specify only common ones – ‘.’ ‘,’ ‘?’ ‘+’ ‘;’ perhaps?

Password advice these days says to use punctuation-marks to try & make passwords as fiendishly impossible to guess as possible.

Just a suggestion.

Roger Fern

Roger Fern, Newcastle upon Tyne.

I took the liberty to re-tag your question as meta because common is reserved for questions on problems occurring (in “common”) in all LO components, Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, …

I use non-alphanumerical characters in my password. I know that * at least is accepted. I use others but I don’t want to disclose cues about my password.