Characteres / Languages list

When we are writting in libreoffice-write, we can select/change the page or paragraphe language. When we open the language list, there are a loooooot of languages et we must scroll down to find the language we want.
Is there a way to clear the list and to leave ONLY the languages we use.
For exemple, for me, I just need english french spanish turkish.
Thank you to let me know if you know.
Best regards

Your question suggests you practice direct formatting in your documents.

A document is never random but follows some internal logic which dramatically limits the span of needed formatting. As you remark, you only need routinely 3 languages. This restriction can be implemented in a set of styles, mainly paragraph and character styles but don’t neglect other categories. This set is recorded in a template (.ott file extension) which you can define as your default so that all new documents are automatically based on this template.

Tagging a paragraph or word sums as to applying a style. The list of styles is much shorter than the language one.