() Characters do not display properly in equation editor

Example of the Issue

As you can see the left ( displays as a air plane like character and the ) displays as a mail icon of sorts. Any idea why this is? Using the latest stable verison - 3.6.1


Which operating system are you using ?
Please check the fonts used in your formula. In the formula editor, menu Format > Font.


My guess is that you’re using a distribution-provided version of LibreOffice and did not install whatever package contains the OpenSymbol font that is used for equation-symbols.

Vanilla LibreOffice (version downloaded from the libreoffice website) does contain it in “libobasis3.6-ooofonts” - your distro might have split it differently. Search your package manager for files named “opens___.ttf” or “opensymbol.ttf” or similar, if you don’t find find it via the package name.

I had this problem after a new install of Bodhi. Installing the libobasis oofonts did not help. I ended up removing all libreoffice stuff (and for some reason, there were components from both 3.5 and 3.6), downloading the latest version and installing that, which fixed the problem.