Characters encoding

Hi there,
I’m trying to make the editor within calc to not convert these caracters “–>” into a right arrow (→).
Tried to read many post here and there and apparently either the question is not asked yet or (probably) too simple.
Whatever the case I’m struggling.
Any help ?

Many thanks in advance.


ps: same for the quotes (") as they display in a funny rounded way (“) but useless for coding. Guess that the answer for the first issue will also solve that.

Most likely it’s the “AutoCorrect” feature. For Calc, look under Tools → AutoCorrect Options.

The first tab should have a row like: replace → with →. Delete it if you don’t like it.

The double quote option is on the “Localized Options” tab.

as reg the AutoCorrect Option, I’ve deleted the conversions however even after restarting it still displays that bloody arrow. I even added a rule changing → into → (silly sin’t it) without succes !
I’m probably missing a step here.

After having considerred your input. I need to say thank you, therefore closing the question as solved.