Chart axes disappear on refresh; Columns need to be re-formatted frequently

I created a chart in Calc using Pivot Table data pulled from ODBC.

  1. When I refresh the pivot table to update the data, the labels and titles in my chart disappear. Closing and re-opening the Calc document brings the missing information back, but is there a simpler way?

  2. I find I have to re-format the columns in my pivot table frequently to properly display the data. This is consistent for both the table and the chart. Is there a way to get Calc to remember my format preferences?

For example, the date columns display as a number; I have to open the “format” dialog frequently to change the number to a date. There is a different number column that displays as currency. I have to frequently open the “format” dialog to change the currency format to a simple number.

Edit your question to share a reduced sample file to test.
Are you working with Cell Styles?
Have tried with Recalculate, or Recalculate Hard (menu Data - Calculate)?

I am not sure of how to add a reduced sample file, considering that I am pulling data from an Oracle server that is not accessible to the internet, nor can it be.

I tried your suggestions to Recalculate and Recalculate Hard, to no avail.