chart for room modes distribution

Hi, I need to do a chart of room modes distribution, something like this:

I don’t even know the right name for it so hard to search for solution :frowning: I guess it cannot be that difficult. I need frequency on horizontal axis and distribution of vertical lines separated into three colours (according to modes).

Does anybody know or at least where shall I look it up?

It seems this might be about the acoustic resonance frequencies and their modes resulting from the volume and shape of certain rooms. You need the equation that determines such resonances.

i obviously have the formula and calculated them, I have a table with frequencies and modes, divided into axial, tangential and oblique. Now I just need to throw it in that kind of chart, but i haven’t found that typa of chart in libreoffice so far :frowning: That’s why the question here, i hope someone knows. i saw the similar one in excell locked file so that it must be possible.

(edited) I suspect that success in this will be in “creative editing” of the chart and the way the data is presented, rather than the type of chart itself. Just a thought.

The frequency scale of the main chart looks logarithmic, so that part is easy enough.

The image provided is no longer available.